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The Importance of Regulating CBD Use on Companion Animals

The AAVSB recently released the AAVSB Guidance Document for CBD Use on Companion Animals in an effort to:

  • Establish consistent terminology;
  • Provide key information on the legality of cannabidiol for U.S. jurisdictions;
  • Supply practical guidelines for CBD use on companion animals that Member Boards may utilize as a resource for licensees to refer to as a basis for the use of CBD products in a defined treatment plan;
  • Promote use of safety measures if the Veterinarian is recommending a specific product, including verification that the product has been tested for safety and accuracy of the label and quality of the product being within allowable limits of contaminants.

Attendees at the AAVSB’s 2021 Annual Meeting and Conference heard from industry expert Stacey Evans and the AAVSB’s Regulatory Policy Task Force on the importance of regulating CBD use. Information from the educational session is newly available in an article here: The Importance of Regulating CBD Use on Companion Animals

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