September 2023 Report

Jurisdictions with Activity

This report shares short summary highlights of tracked legislative bills and rules & regulations that have seen recent activity, as well as available board and state VMA updates.

The legislative activity map reflects all 2023 activity. It is updated daily; the bold colors represent the most recent activity. The regulation activity map reflects activity within the last month and will be updated monthly

Legislative Activity

Regulation Activity

Board Watch

At the 08/24/23 Board of Veterinary Examiners meeting, the members discussed regulations proposals:

Regulations specialist Alison Osborne walked through the regulations proposed to recognize the addition of PAVE to statute, removal of PDMP requirements from statute, change the approval process for the state exams, and update supervisory requirements.

Dr. Geiger moved to approve the regulations for public notice. Dr. Vollaro seconded. Dr. Albert stated that she felt these were thorough and was ready to vote. Vollaro agreed. Dr. Geiger agreed with Dr. Vollaro that no oral hearing was necessary since these were reasonably administrative and had been well-vetted. The motion was unanimously approved.

Review VCPR FAQ Draft:

The board reviewed the proposed advice from AAG Burley and determined they needed more time than was available today.

Dr. Albert moved to table the discussion to a date to be determined later in the meeting. Dr. Vollaro seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Ms. Chambers asked for board members to provide all comments, questions, and concerns so she could post them to OnBoard for members to review in advance of the next discussion.


Implementation of Colorado Senate Bills 23-188 and 23-265
State Board of Veterinary Medicine – October 12, 2023

The following Boards and Programs within the Division of Professions and Occupations are requesting written comments regarding the implementation of Colorado Senate Bills 23-188 (CONCERNING A PROHIBITION ON A REGULATOR IMPOSING DISCIPLINE AGAINST A PERSON BASED ON CERTAIN ACTIVITIES INVOLVING MARIJUANA) and 23-265 (CONCERNING A PROHIBITION ON A REGULATOR IMPOSING DISCIPLINE AGAINST A PERSON BASED ON CERTAIN ACTIVITIES INVOLVING MARIJUANA), and the proposed repeal of the Board and Program rules that are no longer necessary after the codification of these regulations into law. 

Each of the listed Boards and Programs will hold a Permanent Rulemaking Hearing on the dates listed to determine whether to repeal the rules on a permanent basis to implement the law.  Please submit written comments as soon as possible. The Boards and Programs will continue to accept written comments until the Permanent Rulemaking Hearings where stakeholders will be given a final opportunity to testify before the Board and/or the Director or Director’s designee. Please visit the Board and Program websites under the “Public Notices” tab for the most current information, including webinar registration information, written comments (SB23-188and SB23-265), and the draft rules. 


CURRENT Rulemaking Activity
2023-01  ~  LAC 46LXXXV.301.801.1201 – Repeal of Letters of Reference Requirement for Applications

07-12-2023     Summary Report submitted to Senate and House Legislative Oversight Committees on Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development.

10-26-2023     Final Rule to be reviewed by OLRC at its October 26, 2023 meeting.

COMPLETED Rulemaking Activity

2022-03  ~  LAC 46LXXXV.100.105 – Petition for Rule Modification
2022-02  ~  
LAC 46LXXXV.1101-1123.1031.307.700.702.714 – Preceptorship Requirement for DVM Licensure
2022-01  ~  
LAC 46LXXXV.303.803 – NAVLE Waiver, VTNE Waiver, & RVT State Jurisprudence Requirement

2022-03  ~  LAC 46LXXXV.100.105 – Petition for Rule Modification

08-20-2023     Final Rule to be published in 2023 Louisiana Register, Volume 49, August edition – effective 08/20/23.


AKVMA 2023 Newsletter is available here.

HB 56 (a bill to exempt veterinarians from the requirements of the prescription drug monitoring program) was signed into law by Governor Dunleavy on July 6, 2023. This epic event was held in Representative Justin Ruffridge’s District 7 (sponsor of HB 56) and at Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic in Soldotna. Several AKVMA members (including representatives from the Board of Veterinary Examiners) were able to share in the excitement of this monumental journey! Thank you to the dedication of our legislative sponsors, the AKVMA PDMP Team, the Board of Veterinary Examiners, and AKVMA members who worked relentlessly to get this over the finish line! This legislation is a great achievement for Alaskan veterinarians and the requirements of the prescription drug monitoring program were eliminated on July 7, 2023!

Important Information About Veterinary Licensure

The fee suspension for licensure is no longer in effect and all licenses must go through the renewal process.  If you took advantage of the suspension and did not pay the fees during this period, you will have to pay these fees now, as they were not waived. This suspension occurred through an EO that has since expired and wasn’t triggered by the emergency declaration (the way SNAP benefits are still in place).